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Lustrum II: Deliria

Yes, our beautiful dispuut is already existing 10 years! Of course, that is a reason to party. We celebrated this by our annual Dea Dies Date Diner, which took place at Los Ponchos this year. Everybody pulled out their best outfit and the committee provided the single ladies with a nice date. We had a lovely evening!

At tuesday the 5th of june, we hosted our big lustrum party at the Tabula Rasa. With a big amount of people celebrating with us, enough Deliria, beer and other drinks, everybody had a great evening. Of course, the photographer was able to shoot some beautiful pictures, but for obvious reasons, we cannot share those on the world wide web 🙂

At the following day, the 6th of june, we had a Dies-lunch! Everybody was still a bit tired, but the board organized the lunch well so there was enough for all. A good opportunity to show our lustrum hoodies to everyone, because a special occasion requires special clothing.

To top it all of, the board had a great high-t(h)ea in Utrecht together with a lot of Thea’s. At cafe Stael, the ladies enjoyed a lot of nice food, just like Dea tradition says. Everyone was updated about what happened in everybody’s lives, for example, we have Thea’s that have kids or bought a house. Congratulations to them!

All in all, we had a great lustrum, and we look forward to the next 10 years!

Dea Dies Date Diner 2018

The day you knew that would come was finally there: our dispuut became 9 years old! Congratulations to us! We celebrated this on the 12th of june 2018 with the Dea Dies Date Diner. All the single ladies where coupled to a date, all other ladies took their partner with them. We had a delicious dinner is a beautiful room of Sorrentino, and after this we got an icecream at Van der Poel. We finished our evening at Friends. It was an awesome night!


On 28 may 2018, the poule-phase of the annual StAf-tournament took place. A big part of the Dea-ladies joined the ladiesteam of W.S.G. Isaac Newton. We placed third!