Weekend committee

Our dispuut tries to organize a small trip every now and then. We don’t ask for much, a bed, a roof, some food and drinks and of course great company! That is all that is really needed for a nice weekend away. However, we wouldn’t complain if we ended up in a luxurious hotel with spa in the centre of Amsterdam…

DIES commissie

Every year at the birthday of Dea Ex Machina (6th of June), a true Dea Dies Date Dinner is hosted. This is where we as ladies pick out our nicest dresses and go to dinner with our dates (some of them volunarily). We have lots of conversations, laughs, drinks and (you can guess it) FOOD! It is a yearly event to really look forward to.


Every dispuut should have some merchandise, that is why Merchandea was founded. They design something special, if we have a nice occasion for that. Think of the cool hoodie for the second lustrum in 2019!