Voor all members of Dea ex Machina, all relevant information is to be found here. Think of a update of the buddy-system, a agenda and information about the activities.


Drink: dinsdag 27-11-2018

General members assembly: donderdag 29-11-2018

Buddy score

Below, you can find the actual ranking in de buddypointsystem. The buddypoints can be earned as following: for every lunch you get 1 point if you come alone, when you come together with your buddy, you get 3 points. For every drink or other activity you get 2 points if you come alone and 5 if you come together with your buddy. On top of that, we try to spread some purple, and therefore you get a bonuspoint if you come with Dea-clothing.

The last buddy-contest was won by Danique and Eline, congratulations ladies! The have received our buddy-trophy. Below, all the current buddies and their scores can be found. May the points be with you!

 Paaslunch 27-03-18Borrel 24-04-18Lunch 01-05-18Borrel 15-05-18Dies Lunch 06-06-18Date Diner 12-06-18Lunch 11-9-18Borrel 25-9-18Lunch 09-10-18
Borrel 23-10-2018Lunch 13-11-2018Totaal
Silvie & Pascalle H4646464642450
Mariska & Lotte W3630461532336
Danique & Lotte H4030421012118
Andra & Eline121212000009
Eelkje & Merit4632463040335
Angelique & Sabine1212161212120
Alicia & Renske003040001019
Anouck & Daniƫlle M1242161240326