Welcome to the website of Dea ex Machina!

Dea ex Machina is the ladies dispuut of Mechanical Engineering. We are a relatively young dispuut (founded on June 6th 2009) with only Mechanical Engineering ladies. And don’t be fooled, there are more of us than you think!


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By now we have grown to a group of about 25 members. In the old days only a few women started studying Mechanical Engineering each year. To find some support with other women, “Dea ex Machina” was founded. Of course being around all the men in your study can be a lot of fun, but it turned out that having some women around every once in a while is nice as well. We go to Friends Backstage in the city of Enschede regularly to have some drinks and a lunch is organized each month in the Horst. On these occasions we fill our ‘Roze boekje’ with drawings, stories, polls and of course lots and lots of gossip. There is even a buddy-competition with a tasty prize as a reward for the people who were the most active. The ‘Buddy Points’ can also be obtained at activities like the annual Dea Dies Date Dinner, pubquizzes and the annual football tournament!